Wolfgang Sturm
Mobius: Total Chaos character
Placeholder person

Title General
Race Human
Gender Male
Homeworld 21st Century Earth
Faction Bundesleet Bundesleet

General Wolfgang Sturm is the commander of Bundesleet Task Force Falcon in Mobius: Total Chaos. Roleplay throughout the game suggests he is a senior and highly experienced officer within the organization. The chaos storm in MY 1208 generated a "space-time anomaly" that warped Sturm's unit, onboard the starship Fritz Lang, to Mobius in MY 1215. Sturm's primary objective is to re-establish contact with the home fleet, and virtually all his actions are based around this goal.


Sturm's introduction paints him as determined and steadfast, projecting outward confidence in spite of any personal apprehensions. Strongly charismatic, he commands immense respect among subordinate officers and the Mobian population; in private, however, he has expressed repeated doubt as to his own ability to provide for the Mobians. The initial reconstruction effort, while successful, was acknowledged as a largely touch-and-go strategy, and once domestic politics had stabilized he was eager to hand over most civil administration to a parliamentary government. Although he has not actively sought to create one, he is the beneficiary of a vague personality cult which in recent years he has attempted to dismantle in order to shift the public's loyalty to the state rather than individual leaders.

While not averse to taking risks, Sturm's service record has made him extremely apprehensive of "external variables", and as the situation on Mobius deteriorated he exhibited increasing psychological agitation. He held a particularly suspicious view of the East Republic Company for a number of years due to the waffling of its administration and opacity in policy that was eventually reconciled after a special tour with Legate Nozomi. With the resurgence of the Robotnik Empire, Sturm has become much more desperate in his push to contact home, hastening economic and industrial mandates to speed the development of Bundesarmeehauptquartier.

Reference in other IOTsEdit

Sturm's explosive council following the Bundesleet's first contact with the ER Company has been reproduced virtually shot-for-shot by CivGeneral in both Multipolarity and IOT9. More amusingly, Ayane's meeting with the Downfall Gang in IOT9 strongly parallels the ER Company's first mission to the Bundesleet, leading to a fittingly similar furious reaction by Hitler in its aftermath.

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