The United Nations (Union of Nations in games by Taniciusfox), abbreviated UN, is a forum featured in some versions of Imperium Offtopicum for the purposes of dispute resolutions between states and the development of international law, presided over by the game moderator. It was first introduced in IOT1 as a separate thread, reused in subsequent instalments up to IOT4. Other games used auxiliary threads of their own until it migrated to social groups following CFC's implementation of the feature.

The power of the UN varies by GM: Taniciusfox frequently makes resolutions mechanically binding, while Thorvald of Lym adheres to its real-life functionality and only arbitrates by consent. Some games retain it solely as a discussion board, others grant it an independent army and the ability to directly administer territories (in a sense making the UN its own faction). The consequences for violating resolutions can thus range from individual state responses to direct intervention by the UN itself.

Various UNs:

Union of Nations (MP2)


  • The reason Taniciusfox uses "Union of Nations" is because the real-life United Nations can (and does) threaten lawsuits against those who use the term United Nations and anything associated with it without their permission.
  • The reason nobody else does, is because this is silly.