Union of Nations Security Council Resolution 32 was an emergency resolution tabled by the delegation from the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang in 2173 following the CRF insurrection. Declaring the invasion illegal and the Otto régime illegitimate, it called for the immediate imposition of a global embargo on the conquerors and the formation of a UN-mandated peacemaking force to expel the CRF and its allies from Xinjiang.

The resolution was endorsed by virtually all player nations with the exception of the Papal States, who asserted the usual selective interpretation of sovereignty. In addition, Rome objected to the fifth operative clause on the erroneous grounds that it provided a loophole that would expand Xinjiang's borders depending on the course of the war, whereas the fourth operative clause established that UNCFOR's mandate limited its zone of operation to Xinjiang proper.

The resolution failed due to the black-box nature of Taniciusfox's UN voting procedure. Undaunted, the assenting members began planning a secret counterstrike, with the Scarlet Lancers establishing the North Atlantic Defence League as a co-ordinating body.

Resolution transcriptEdit

The Security Council,

Recognizing the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang and its exiled government as the lawful authority and legitimate representative in Union of Nations assemblies,

Condemning the Chinese Resistance Forces as international terrorists and its leaders as wanted criminals,

Maintaining the invasion of Xinjiang is an illegal action committed through illegal means, and that the new régime holds no legitimacy within the General Assembly or any other UN body,

Defending the state of Xinjiang against these insurgent forces,

Recalling threats made by the CRF against Chinese neighbour states,

Fearing the increased destabilization of Asia through Chinese remilitarization and revitalization of its WMD program,

Aspiring generally to the promotion of peace, democracy and the rule of law,

1. Denounces the CRF coalition as unlawful occupiers;

2. Refuses to recognize the CRF leadership as a legitimate government;

3. Imposes immediate economic sanctions against all parties to the CRF coalition;

4. Approves the creation of a Union of Nations Chinese Intervention Force (UNCFOR) for the purpose of repelling the CRF and its allies from Xinjiang;

5. Mandates that this force remain subordinate to a UN command, and all territory liberated from the CRF coalition be designated for the reconstitution of the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang;

6. Commits this force to peacekeeping operations within Xinjiang et al. until state national defence has been restored to sufficient competence.