Thor's avatar in the CFC Forums.

Thorvald of Lym, or simply refered as Thor, is a Norwegian forumer who is best known for managing Imperium Offtopicum IV and its sequel, The Aftermath. His player nations tend toward benign authoritarianism and typically exhibit internationalist, communitarian ideologies. While usually straight-faced in character, he has also played comedic factions, notably Eesti Vabariik in IOT7 and the Downfall Gang in IOT9, the latter earning him considerable fame after it went meta on Taniciusfox's forum.

He served as the Union of China in Multipolarity, where he rotated between being an NGO and the sovereign state ruling over the Chinese region. He humorously alternated this position with his archfoe in the franchise, the Empire of China, led by christos200. Thorvald's idea to have the Downfall Gang each have their own nation eventually led to him becoming the NPC sub-GM of MP2, where he was also the leader of the Union of China once more.

The end sequence to IOT4 established Thorvald's reputation as a writer, and he has since become a go-to guy for epilogues. In addition to his own sessions, as of November 2012 he has been responsible for the conclusions to Taniciusfox's games, specifically Mobius: Total Chaos and Multipolarity I and II.

Elsewhere on CFC he's known for managing the DRAW Your Own Story series. He is also rumoured to be RobertCan't's future father-in-law, Norman Hadley, father of the Beth.

Games To His CreditEdit