Tanicius' original 'fursona', by Matthew Pegues
Title King of the Effeduppage
Nickname(s) Tanicius, Tani, Tany
Alias SonicTH (CFC)
King Sonic, Super Sonic (IOT Forums)
Chat handle RapidoAzulSonic (Chatango)
TaniInky, Liqur-sama (Discord)
Joined on March 2010
Years active 2010–2014
Games moderated See list
Notable series
Notable countries Marian Federation, any NPC in a good spot to mess players up
Personal information
Full name Tanner Bates
Gender Male
Date of birth (1992-12-24)December 24, 1992
Age 26
Occupation Entrepreneur and professional troll
Religion loadsamoney
Nationality American

Taniciusfox (also stylized TaniciusFox), nicknamed Tani, Tany, T-Fox, "That Goddamned Furry"[1], and very rarely, TF (now known as SonicTH on CFC and about a billion different handles on the other forum), is a forum poster known for his various Civ 3 abominations (including the Stories and Tales), posting in Off-Topic, Sonic the Hedgehog fanaticism, and of course, creating the first formal Imperium Offtopicum.

Tanicius is one of the most regular game moderators in IOT and founded a number of series, trying to keep at least one thread running at all times (and occasionally, multiple games simultaneously). He is peculiar in that like CivOasis, he very rarely participates as a player, his first non-GM appearance being Imperium Offtopicum IV, where he was first an aggressive protagonist, and later, an antagonist, forming the ANTIEDO/GUN Alliance that plunged the world into a nuclear war.

Despite a self-professed love-hate relationship with the player base, Tanicius remained an active member of the IOT community from 2010–2014, after which his CFC activity declined while he finished college studies. He remains a polarizing figure, having developed a number of innovative rulesets and settings and earned repute as one of the most dedicated GMs on the board, but has regularly been accused of NPC strong-manning and generally dismissing complaints over rule changes and/or breakdowns in decorum.

Personality/play styleEdit

Tanicius conveys an attitude of friendly irreverence to the point some may think he's unflappable; he often jokes that he's a sadist and has confessed to systematically trolling the players. He has self-admitted temper issues, and so tries to steer away from conflict or otherwise avoid becoming locked into a dispute; consequently he is known for 'laissez-faire' moderating that may have contributed to the player fights of Multipolarity II and The Space Race. He is notoriously choosy about which games he joins, claiming an aversion to "unnecessary use of power" that has prompted some silent boycotts. Ironically, he is something of a control freak, preferring administrative positions over play because he "doesn't trust" many others. This led to management breakdown in MP2 when he began undermining his co-GM's autonomy.

"My GMing is Keynesian. If gameplay is in a downturn, I increase my activities to stimulate it."

As a moderator he frequently amends a game's ruleset to correct for emergent bugs, but is notoriously stubborn in addressing player complaints over major mechanics. Tanicius is most infamous for his use of NPC states, which typically start on par with player countries and that he admits 'play to win'. He has been accused of using NPCs to railroad player behavior, and as early as MP1 muscled players out of control of their own alliances. He has also been charged with bending the game rules for personal aims, the ending to Imperia Mobiana establishing Enerjak as a powergaming meme.


Tanicius' redesigned fursona ca. 2013, combining a wolf, lynx, and hedgehog.

Tanicius' play style emphasizes international commerce and soft-power realpolitik, while his nation is characterised by Mobian lore, characters, and references thereto. The reason he purportedly avoids most IOTs is because their emphasis on realism and human nations is at odds with the fantastic themes he prefers.

Other venturesEdit

A die-hard capitalist and aspiring entrepreneur, Tanicius sought to expand IOT into other domains and media. He pioneered the now-obscure Mibbit chat, and later popularized Chatango. During the so-called 2012 general strike he founded the Imperium Offtopicum Forums, which he attempted to cultivate as a permanent alternative board, but the project collapsed after his monetization of the site led most of its users to quit in protest. Around the same time he changed his CFC alias to SonicTH and insisted others refer to him as such, to resounding failure.

Adding to his infamy is the overuse of certain image macros, normally Sonic-related.

Games to his creditEdit


  • IOT veterans can be distinguished from new players in the use of "Tani" or "TF" rather than "SonicTH".
  • He was the first proclaimed, and in his time most recognizable LGBT player.
  • 'SonicTH' obviously stems from "Sonic the Hedgehog." This is due to his great nerd status of said franchise.
  • After his immersion into the Portal franchise, he briefly employed an alter-ego dubbed "TAnIOS".
  • SonicTH is not a  brony, but often injects MLP features into his behavior so as to troll Mechaerik and Red_Spy.


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