TK in the style of The New Yorker
Title The Almighty
Master Cartographer
Grandfather of IOT
Nickname(s) tailless, TK
Alias Tee Kay
Chat handle Tkangaru (Chatango)
Tee Kay, Not Tani (Discord)
Joined on March 2010
Games moderated See list
Notable series Iron and Blood
Notable countries Empire of Carthage
Personal information
Gender Male
Date of birth (1991-11-13)November 13, 1991
Age 27
Starsign Scorpio
Religion Buddhist
Nationality Australian

taillesskangaru (nicknamed tailless and TK, leading to his current alias Tee Kay) is a sporadic Imperium Offtopicum player, game moderator, and the unwitting forefather of the IOT genre. He is best known for his mapmaking and the Iron and Blood historical game series, and was one of the original designers for Project Marmot.

In "Altered Maps VI" in early 2010, tailless announced that for fun, he wanted to rename countries after OT regulars and invited other forumers to stake claims to their favourite countries.[1] After Shekwan announced he was "invading" Philadelphia, the thread spiralled into chaotic geopolitical roleplay, and the emerging game was recommended taken somewhere else, leading to OT Poster Empires, the inspiration for the first Imperium Offtopicum.

taillesskangaru was an inaugural member of the Old Guard and participated in most of the major threads from 2010–11. His first foray into running a game was Ab Antiquo, the second "mini-IOT" set before the Industrial Revolution. He also chaperoned Imperium Offtopicum VI in early 2011, and launched the groundbreaking Iron and Blood in 2012; while he ceded management to kiwitt midway through due to real-life time constraints, the game was considered a major success and went on to spawn a series of sequel installments.

In addition to I&B, tailless tried to foster several other titles including a Command & Conquer-themed game set as an interquel to the First and Second Tiberium Wars, but repeatedly ran into design and/or time issues and few progressed beyond the establishing update. His participation waned sharply in the following years, although he has remained semi-active in the broader IOT community.

Games to his creditEdit