Society of Friends
Φιλική Εταιρεία
Seen in Mad World
Played by christos200
Leader(s) Alexis Tsipras, Alexandros Nikolopoulos
Dates of operation August–ca. 11 September 2013
Motives Greek independence
Active region(s) Greece
Major actions "Greek Terror"
Notable attacks Mediterranean hostage crisis, Athens atrocity, Peraia skirmish, firebombings of Corinth, Thessalonica, Patras, and Thebes, invasion of Crete
Status Designated terrorist organization by Srbija, Manx Empire, Soviet Germany

The Society of Friends (Greek: Φιλική Εταιρεία; Filiki Eteria) was a Greek terrorist organization led by Alexis Tsipras, based out of Síros. It was committed to establishing an independent Greek state through violent insurrection against the Holy Sjrb Empire by its paramilitary wing, the Free Greek Army. The Society initially received limited international support, chiefly from the Commonwealth of New England who mistook them for Pennsylvanian Quakers, but the FGA's indiscriminate targeting of civilians and military personnel alike quickly eroded support at home even as it helped to temporarily weaken Serbian control of Greece.

Early raids on national banks led Soviet Germany to condemn the Society, threatening direct action if it did not surrender. The Manx, who were maintaining non-hostile relations with Serbia despite widespread territory overlap, pledged their support against the Society as part of imperial camaraderie. This led to the hijacking of a trade ship and the enslavement of its crew, but intervention by New England led to the hostages' release soon afterwards.

The FGA then launched a rapid succession of attacks on coastal cities on an ever-widening scale. These raids followed a common pattern of destroying government offices and then torching the towns. christos200 felt confident enough in his actions that be began drawing up designs for the newly-liberated Greek state. Unfortunately, his own roleplay ended up working against his interests: the firebombings fortified public opinion against the Society, while Thorvald deemed the rapid escalation unfeasible, with the result that in the third update, the attack on Crete was declared a catastrophic failure and everything afterward completely ignored. christos promptly ragequit; the following turn Tsipras committed suicide and the Society surrendered. Ironically, Thorvald revealed in debriefing that had christos not specifically stated he was torching the cities, he would have gained control of some surrounding islands.