Republic of Coruscant
Flag of Coruscant 2011.png Seal of Coruscant 2011.png
Flag Seal
Seen in Imperium Universalis, Mobius: Total Chaos[1], Multipolarity, Imperium Offtopicum 8,
Imperium Offtopicum 9
Played by CivGeneral
Motto: コルサントの上院と人々。
korusanto no jouin to hitobito.
"The Senate and People of Coruscant."
National anthem: "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
("Risen from Ruins")
CapitalNew Port City
Official language(s) None
Recognised national languages English, Japanese, Russian, German
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 -  Chancellor Hanna Antilles
 -  Republic September 14, 1994 
Currency Republic Mark
Religion None official; Roman Catholic in practice

The Republic of Coruscant is a fictional nation created by CivGeneral and developed largely as his private hobby. Originating outside CivFanatics, it has appeared as or inspired his player countries in various instalments of Imperium Offtopicum.

Coruscant's history has been revised and amended numerous times, particularly as a result of its appearances in the collaborative webcomic "DRAW Your Own Story", from which it draws most of its contemporary look and feel. Its current incarnation is a blend of elements from the Star Wars universe, the Fallout series (specifically Fallout 3 and New Vegas), and the Second Reich.

Coruscant's capital, New Port City, is situated on fictional Republic Island somewhere in the vicinity of Connecticut, and it normally begins in control of the U.S. north-eastern seaboard. Traditionally, if inexplicably, it has, or attempts to claim a stakehold in Japan, and occasionally Singapore. It also controls most of the Solar System and various planets of Star Wars' Galactic Republic/Empire.

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  1. Referenced in roleplay, but is not featured de jure.
  2. Germany replaced with Coruscant in the lyrics