The Red Lotus
IOTMP-Red Lotus
"Can you kill a god?"
Species Nine-tailed fox
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Occupation Revolutionary leader-cum-civil servant
Faction Scarlet Lancers Scarlet Lancers
"The fox has fangs."
— Scarlet Lancers manifesto, 2153

The Red Lotus is the leader of the Scarlet Lancers in Multipolarity. Very little is known about her other than that she is a supernatural creature inferred to be centuries old. She is most likely the order's founder and currently the only identified authority figure within the organization.

Resistance leaderEdit

The Lotus' mission, and by extension the Lancers' mission, was the overthrow of Christos Xinjiang and the democratization of China following the country's oppressive domestic policies and international strong-manning circa 2153. She is credited with two of the Lancers' public addresses, in which she expresses an impassioned, but strongly reasoned defence of democracy, plurality, the international community, and aspiration toward world peace, while denouncing the government's lip service to social well-being and the spirit of justice.

After Christos released public addresses containing personal threats against her, she reciprocated the vendetta with the promise of confronting him in person. To date, the response contains the only self-mention of her non-human abilities, suggesting that Christos' dishonourable tactics would force her to 'cheat'. As subsequent leaders continued the bellicose ad hominem approach, the conflict began to be framed in gendered terms, the old régime and eventual leaders of the Chinese Resistance Forces painted as macho thugs whose damage the Lancers would repair with "a woman's touch". The gender lens was also used (half-jokingly) to explain the CRF's obsession with attacking the Lotus as an individual.

New XinjiangEdit

Following China's dissolution in 2165, the Lancers "settled down" to build the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang. The Lotus released one final address on behalf of the order on 19 August. Her exact role, if any, in the new government is unclear, although she has made at least one public appearance since; her attire is described as noticeably more tranquil than the outfit that typified the Resistance era. Her signature has also appeared on some government documents, typically those originating from the president's office.

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