People's Republic of Xinjiang
Seen in Multipolarity
Played by christos200
Turn 0–Turn 6 Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Xinjiang territory in indigo
Capital Ürümqi
Government Single-party dictatorship
 -   ???–2159? Christos Xinjiang
 - 2159?–2160 Mr. George
Historical era Multipolarity
 -  Established 2077
 -  Renamed Republic of China 2160
Today part of Federal Union of China

The People's Republic of Xinjiang (typically referred to simply as Xinjiang) was a communist dictatorship under the leadership of Christos Xinjiang from the start of Multipolarity until its rebranding as the Republic of China following a peaceful democratic revolution circa 2160. Like christos200's other player countries, it made a nuisance of itself in short order, but in what Jehoshua described as "a violation in the natural order", managed to remain a leading world power.

Xinjiang was ruled by the Communist Party since 2077. While the initial biography in the sign-up thread described it as a one-party state, subsequent roleplay contradicted this; regardless of how and what type of elections took place, fraud and vote rigging can be assumed standard practices. Government policy was characterized by violent suppression of dissent, oppressive taxation, and rabid anti-capitalism, although in later years fellow socialist states expressed doubt as to Xinjiang's understanding of socialist ideology.

Positing itself as non-interventionist, Xinjiang nonetheless attracted widespread international condemnation for an unprovoked and bloody crackdown on a peaceful anti-government protest, leading to calls for economic sanctions by the Kingdom of Hawai'i and India. Xinjiang responded by declaring war on its neighbours, and later, the 501st Legion. Reacting to both domestic state terror and Xinjiang's sudden international aggression, the Scarlet Lancers emerged on the world stage in 2153 with the goal of overthrowing President Christos and installing a democratic government.

By 2158, growing international pressure and regular internal rebellions led Christos to reinstate open elections. In an unclear series of events, the Communist Party was thrown out of office and a new government established under a coalition of the National and Democratic parties, headed by a "Mr. George". Some time afterwards, Xinjiang was renamed the "Republic of China".

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