One Vision
Seen in Sons of Mars 3
Played by Sonereal
One Vision.png
Government Totalitarian technocracy
 -  Chairman August Salazar

One Vision, also known as OV, and originally named the Cult of the Horde, was a pan-oceanic totalitarian psychic technocracy ruled by the Council of Seele, chaired by Chairman August Salazar. One Vision is best remembered for liberal use of Psychic Dominator Missiles to stamp out Rome following the Roman Resurgency, the Free Republic of Sumatra, and triggering the first nation-destroying war in which Visionary Agents inside the capital of the Demon Realm (India) destroyed the capital before the rest of the nation was wiped out (but not before One Vision met the same fate).

The state of One Vision is also remembered for atrocities committed against "Class-3" Humans including the C3 Genocide in Australia that ended only after the Demon Realm's massive response. Altogether, One Vision is considered to be responsible for the deaths of nearly 70 million demons and humans. At the time of the two-day long DROV War and the resulting 50 million plus casualties, the global population had just reached 500 million.

Prior to the destruction of One Vision, the Council of Seele, August Salazar, and several dozen engineer, scientists, and soldiers fled the country and immediately formed the Visionary Resistance Front.


One Vision arose from the period of political unrest before the world began to rebuild once more, specifically March 27th, 0001. The Cataclysm which destroyed the last Great Civilization resulted in drastic changes not just to global society and commerce, but to reality itself. Because of this, OV found itself as a bastion for higher-level psykers. Leading up to March 27th, the regimented social classes based on genetic or biological modification already existed and the OV Constitution only legalized a system that was already in place de facto.

At the top were the original founders, their families, and their descendants. The Class-1 Humans and Class-2 Humans, for all intents and purposes, were equal except that C2s could be conscripted like C3s. The Class-3 Humans, on the other hand, were humans who rejected modifications on religious, spiritual, and in the final years, financial grounds. The Council of Seele used the sizable population of C3s as a scapegoat for all of One Vision's problems.

The Visionary Technocracy gave the majority a strong central government and social programs. More importantly, it provided security in a mostly lawless region of the world forgotten by the major players in Europe and North America. Following the ascension of the Technocracy, the government began a heavy infrastructure, economic, and military modernization program that would plunge the nation in debt for a period for four years. By the end of September, 0001, an extensive trade agreement with Singapore had been accepted.