The Nuclear Liability Legacy Programme, commonly abbreviated NLLP, is an international scientific body established in Imperium Offtopicum IV to study and respond to the environmental consequences of the endgame nuclear war. Sponsored chiefly by the New Hetmanate, it is the primary knowledge base of post-nuclear research, and in The Aftermath is working in close collaboration with the Storting Project to develop the Environmental Restoration Initiative.

World Radiological IndexEdit


World Radiological Index at the start of The Aftermath

The NLLP releases regular reports on global radioactive contamination, dubbed the "World Radiological Index", that classifies regions into one of three categories based on the mean level of surface fallout:


Heavy pollution renders surface habitation virtually impossible; nothing will grow, and even with NBC equipment, exposure beyond a few hours often proves lethal. Red Zones are commonly located at and around nuclear strike sites, and if covering major river sources, can devastate regions downstream. Armies fighting in Red Zones suffer a crippling penalty to efficiency (except Abhorrents, who gain a moderate advantage).


Moderate contamination poisons plant and animal life, leading to frequent, typically debilitating mutations. Habitation is possible but risky, and requires varying levels of decontamination technology for permanent settlement. Yellow Zones are frequently home to Kaetif. Armies suffer minor penalties when fighting in Yellow Zones.


Contamination is either not present or statistically insignificant. Outside of Africa, Blue Zones are rare and often encompass remote areas where natural conditions discourage settlement. Protecting these remaining "healthy" regions is the NLLP's top priority.