Nickname(s) Nedim
Chat handle nedimnapoleon
Joined on July 2010
Years active 2010–2015
Games moderated See list
Personal information
Full name Nedim Kahrimanović
Gender Male
Nationality Bosnian

NedimNapoleon was an IOT player and prolific game moderator that hosted a number of games of varying complexity, including World of Trade, Imperium Offtopicum VII, and his most acclaimed title, Valkyrie. Nedim is notable as an early experimenter with 'unconventional' statistics and game modes, such as individual modular armies (Ideology Wars), missionaries and evangelism (Religions), and strategic resources and consumer goods (World of Trade). As a player, he was known for frequently leading ideologically extremist countries, although this was (usually) not reflective of his personal politics, and his roleplay was characterized by casual irreverence. He is one of the greatest mapmakers in all of IOT, matched only by Viceroy Civ'ed of the Falklands and taillesskangaru the Almighty, creator of the Iron and Bloods.

A frequenter of Reddit's /pol/ board, he became a polarizing figure on chat for various social and political statements, although how much was actual conviction and how much was casual trolling remains unclear. In the fall of 2014 Nedim's activity rapidly diminished over unspecified real-life issues; he has not been seen on CivFanatics since March 2015.

Games to his creditEdit