National Army
Formation March 2162
Type Paramilitary
Purpose Conventional military operations
Headquarters Unknown
Shin Fai, Ta Hun Kwai, Tsing Shi Tao et al.
Leiong Leang
Parent organization
Scarlet Lancers Scarlet Lancers

The National Army is a branch of the Scarlet Lancers responsible for conventional military operations. It was formed in 2162 by expatriate Chinese officers following the March defections. Its name was likely a deliberate snub to the government at the time, as the Lancers consistently rejected the legitimacy of all christos200's administrations since the People's Republic of Xinjiang, proclaiming themselves to be the "true" voice of the people.

The National Army served as a paramilitary auxiliary to the armed forces of the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang, ostensibly under direction for Xining but ultimately answering to the Red Lotus. When the CRF invaded in 2173, the National Army supplied 128 divisions to complement the government's 20, delaying the monarchists long enough to evacuate the government. Following the war, Xinjiang's surviving military personnel are presumed to have joined the National Army.

The National Army participated in Operation Shah Mat and the GUNS War. In the postwar years, it is inferred to have merged with the armed forces of the Federal Union of China.

The National Army and its figureheads are derived from China in Command & Conquer: Generals.

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