Mathalamus was an iconic participant in the earlier days of Imperium Offtopicum, appearing in the first game and most of the spin-offs between 2010 and 2011. He is known on CivFanatics as a Byzantine apologist, and routinely plays as Byzantium, Cyprus, and/or a wayward Greek colony led originally by Matthew Barabas, and in more recent games Andreas Laskaris; this occasionally attracts hostility from his colleagues, who complain he isn't "original". Mathalamus earned a reputation for powergame roleplaying and frequently ragequitting when things didn't go his way, earning him the dubious distinction as the first "problem player" by general consensus.

Mathalamus' appeal as trollbait waned in later games as he began to improve his gameplay. He was also afforded sympathy following particular and repeated hostility from Domination3000 and ilduce349. Following the cancellation of Tiberian Sky he took an extended leave from CFC from 2011–13 before re-emerging in Multipolarity III. He has since resumed regular participation in IOT.

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