Marian Federation
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum IV
Played by Taniciusfox
Turn 0–Game's end Blank.png


Capital Rome
Government Semi-presidential republic
 -  Turn 0–Turn 13 Marius Shadonus
 - Turn 13–Turn 18 Lucius Infernius
 - Turn 18–Aftermath Immanuel de Zorrito
 - Pre-Aftermath Julius Operarius
Prime Minister
 - Turn 0–??? Gaius Mobius
 - ??? Paxius Shadonus
 - Turn 18–Aftermath Julius Operarius
Historical era Imperium Offtopicum IV
 -  Established Turn 0
 -  Reestablished as Marian Republic Pre-Aftermath
Today part of Nuevo Colombia
Third Empire
Republic of Patagonia
Kingdom of Venezuela
Republic of Portugal
New Confederate States of America
Cantabria Libre
Alliance of North African Independents
Kingdom of Konchasa
Federation of the Savanna
Zulu Confederation of African Self-deliberation

The Marian Federation was one of the leading European nations in Imperium Offtopicum IV. It was the primary representative of ANTIEDO/GUN, and alongside its rivals of New England and Japan was the chief architect of the game's "bloc period" and the eventual world war. The Marian Federation survived through the game's end, and was rechristened the Marian Republic in Imperium Offtopicum: The Aftermath.

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