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Lighthearter (commonly known as LH or L, and never "Light" under ANY circumstances) is an American IOTer and GM of several IOTs. He was the creator of the very successful Imperium Offtopicum - The Enlightenment (IOTE) and its successor, IOT Cold War (IOTCW), as well as several other projects which he is known for vigorously denying any connection to in hindsight.

His first IOT was TaniciusFox's Imperium Offtopicum II, in which he was the Virginian Empire - first of a long chain of psuedo-Confederate nation choices. However, his most notable performance was in IOT6, as the Confederacy of New England, a violently conservative republic.

LH is regarded as one of the most insane IOTers, but with varying interpretations on the meaning and degree. Some view him as obsessed and bullheaded, while others tend to regard him as a reasonable roleplayer. He's certainly hard to forget, one way or another.

Other than IOT, LH is the creator of Realpolitiks and Action Chatrooms, two other immensely popular kinds of forum games. He also created the War Room concept, but did not develop it beyond the initial idea. He can often be found in either the IOT or AC chat pages, posting snippets from his books or yammering on about his lame new game ideas, while everyone simply nods and waits for him to wear himself out.