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Sovereign Kingdom of Christ in Jerusalem
Coat of arms
Seen in Sons of Mars 3
Played by Tyo
Jerusalem today (light blue)
Government Absolute monarchy
Legislature Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Religion Christianity

The Kingdom of Jerusalem is a Monarchic Theocracy played by Tyo in Sons of Mars 3. Jerusalem was at first idle in wordly issues, such as the conflict in Caucasus between Persia and the Greeks. However, favoring Persia's claims and seeing a huge opening in Greek defenses, Jerusalem launched a huge invasion campaign on the Greeks. AA proceeded to add Ty to his Ignore list for what must have been the shortest time anyone has been on an ignore list. After a threat of being blown up by One Vision's arsenal of Province Busters (The only one to exist in the world at the time), and Persia pretty much doing exactly what Jerusalem did to Greece, Jerusalem caved into Greek demands... But not Persia's. Jerusalem then became perhaps the only client state that was economically and militarily stronger than its sovereign state in the history of IOTs. Or the world, I can't be bothered to check. Anyway, the Gulf War had begun.


The Kingdom of Jerusalem on Turn 1, with Persia to the East and SBAG to the West.

This induced much rage to Tyo after a while. The Persians not only defeated the greatest navy of the time, but had counter-pushed like a nice through Jerusalem lands. Buy this time Greece was a wasteland due to several factors.

But eventually, the war came to an end, but not by Jerusalem. A backer of Persia, Tibet, invaded the rest of Persia after Jerusalem's final push. To Jerusalem's dismay, the war was planned to end on Tibetan terms...

Sonsofmars3map (1)

The height of conflict in the Gulf War.

Now, Jerusalem has pretty much has dominion on the Middle East, but the Arab states seem to have gotten rather powerful in the time the kingdom hadn't bothered absorbing them. It is also something to note that Abyssinia is currently suspecting Jerusalem(And several other states) of funding a plot of Chaos Inc.(A Terrorist organization played by AA) that has to do with the nuking of over a dozen territories.