Kaurava III
Kaurava III
System Kaurava
Coordinates G-8
Atmosphere Frigid, arid
Topology Rocky desert
Distinct features Necron tombs
Zones 6
Affiliation Imperial Guard

Kaurava III is one of six planets of the Kaurava System, and one of the original four from before the Warp Storm. A barren, desert world, the Imperial Guard had little use for the planet beyond mining operations. Attempts at mining the planet's moon accidentally destroyed it, raining debris inflicting heavy damage upon the surface and forming the planet's rings.

Kaurava III was the site of a major battle between the Necrons and the Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwe millennia ago. The defeated Necrons retreated into their subterranean tombs, but were reawakened by Imperial survey operations circa the start of the Kaurava Conflict. After the Imperial Guard's victory over the Necron Lord, General Stubbs launched an extensive bombing campaign in an effort to destroy the Necrons' remaining installations, and following his appointment to Governor-General of the system, forbade further development of the planet.