A Spanish (even if he wants to call himself Catalan) dude, and resident Catalan nationalist of the IOT forums. He has made a habit of being backstabbed, especially in TaniciusFox's games Multipolarity and Mobius: Total Chaos, although whether all of these were truly backstabs has been debated. He has a habit of declaring his love for IOT players.

A notable moment for Joan was being shafted twice by his own allies in MP. When christos200 invaded the Demon Realm, voiding his membership in the Coalition of Non-aligned Countries, Oz, led by mayor, refused to honour his treaty obligations, leaving India to fight him largely by itself. After the absorption of the CNC into the Comintern, he was again betrayed when Oz and Korea invaded India for fielding an insufficient army, which Joan contested, stating that his air force should have been counted.

Joan is also notably in a bromantic relationship with Robert Can't, typified by their standard chat greetings: BOOM! and Explosion!, followed by Implosion!, Exfoliation! and Impression! One of the several LGBT IOTers.


The Standardised greeting Process, the initial "Explosion?" is only used when Robert initiates the greeting.