Jehoshua, some times shortened to Jeh or Jeho, is a player from Australia. He is known as a political player and some (JoanK, who has some strange fascination with him) have gone so far as to call him a "manipulative" or even "magnificent bastard".

In MP he entered late to govern the Papal States, a nation ruled by the pope from his seat in Rome. Due to this position he often attempted to take the moral high ground with varying degrees of success with several notable moral fails including a good dose of political hypocrisy, with hypocritical behaviour being unveiled in a wikileaks style revelation in MP. He seemed to operate on a accipere quam facere praestat injuriam ("it is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice") but could often be found attempting to convince other players to do his bidding or otherwise do something that would further his interests, with some rumours circulating that he helped "push along" a series of nuclear wars that wiped out the great powers, facilitating the papal states rise to prominence.

In Multipolarity 2, he governed the nation of Katterland in Australia (in homage of an eccentric Australian politician), and convinced mayor's Oz, to declare war on the Formatting Crew, backstabbing Oz once the two were in a stalemate in the name of a treaty previously made with the Formatting Crew to protect them from any Ozian aggression. Oz was conquered, and the Formatting Crew became the unruly vassal state of Victoria.

In Multipolarity 3, Jehoshua played once more as the Papal States, and established a "Pax Vaticana" over Europe through a large network of clients and alliances. He also orchestrated the Romnesian wars by convincing various powers to attack Romnesia in the name of ensuring it didn't gain global hegemony.

In Multipolarity 4, Jehoshua plays the Golden Horde in Central Asia.