System Gregara
Coordinates J-4
Topology Plains, dry grasslands, urban expanses
Environment Warm, semi-arid
Distinct features Sprawling megalopoli
Zones 4
Affiliation Hommeof Consortium

Infirmus is the second planet in the Gregara System and the home planet of the Hommeof Consortium. While it appears as though it was once a lush, Earth-like world, unregulated industrial development has nearly destroyed the natural ecosystem, leading to its unflattering nickname of the "dying planet". Average surface temperatures are so high that Infirmus' polar caps have completely melted, and arable land continues to shrink as a result of dwindling fresh water supplies. The Consortium's megacities are the planet's dominant feature, each hundreds of thousands of square kilometres that appear as easily-identifiable massive grey spots from space. In spite of the Consortium's considerable technological prowess, only recently has it begun to seriously investigate saving what remains of the environment.