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Imperium Offtopicum is a series of geopolitical role-playing games hosted on the Civilization Fanatics' Center in which players create and lead their own nations. In addition to seventeen chronological instalments loosely set today, there have been dozens of spin-offs in settings ranging from Antiquity to the Medieval ages, the Great War, the near future, and even outer space.


Imperium Offtopicum traces its origins to the largely anarchic OT Poster Empires spun out of an Altered Maps thread in the Off-Topic Forum. The first game was largely open-ended and emphasized diplomacy and discussion, its extremely limited ruleset upheld chiefly by players' good faith. IOT4 introduced the standardized game mechanics from which virtually all future games derived. Since IOT5 there have been many, many spin-offs with a wide range of rulesets, from the super-complex Iron and Blood to the insanely simple Mini-IOT: Eastern Asia.

"They range in complexity (too complex a game generally turns players off from it, simple games get boring quickly [ MIOT is a case study for both]), but the best (in my opinion) are middle-of-the-road ones such as the currently-running Fiat Lux or the now-dead Europatriotism." - Mosher

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