Imperium Offtopicum III
Political divisions as of the last "official" update, shortly before the disbandment of Carthage
Created by Mad Man
Formal run 30 March–16 May 2010
Total updates N/A
Genre 21st Century
Notable events Byzantine Civil War
First Shadow terror campaign
Link(s) Game thread
UN thread
Battle thread

Imperium Offtopicum 3: the quest for Imperium Offtopicum 2 (abbreviated IOT3) was the sequel to the original Imperium Offtopicum, managed by Mad Man from 30 March-16 May 2010. It was unique from later instalments for an almost exclusive focus on role-played international diplomacy and internal politics and de-emphasis of open war that made it more of a story than a game, perhaps partly due to an unsettled combat algorithm. The game reused the auxiliary UN and battle threads from IOT, and introduced the regionally-divided world map that would become a staple in virtually all later games.

Game mechanicsEdit

IOT3 had almost no set rules of any kind. Territory claims were de facto unlimited and first-come-first-serve, resulting in the complete partition of the map within the first few turns. Updates were unofficial and random, and the game had a self-governing quality to it as a result of the dedication of its players. Combat, which only emerged toward the end of the game, was conducted province-by-province, determined by players submitting "dance videos" and Mad Man choosing his favourite. The system, while novel, received mixed reception, and like IOT1, hangups in battle resolutions eventually stalled the game shortly after its first war.

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