Imperium Offtopicum is a broad category of geopolitical role-playing games hosted on the Civilization Fanatics' Center. The first instalment, Imperium Offtopicum I, was created by Taniciusfox in response to the anarchic OT Poster Empires; originally located in Forum Games and following a linear sequence, the series spawned so many sequels and spin-offs that it was eventually given its own subforum.

Rules, regulations and general gameplay can vary wildly from thread to thread. The first three games (IOT1, IOT3 and IOT4[1]) were largely open-ended with few set mechanics and a mostly impromptu method for simulating combat. Later games introduced national economies, technological development, standing armies, natural resources, and/or a host of other features at the discretion of each particular game moderator. In general, IOT aims to be less scripted and "computational" than the somewhat similar Never-Ending Stories, and has been described as an even lazier "Lazy NES".

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  1. Chronologically, the game officially titled Imperium Offtopicum II was launched after IOT4.