IOT: Here and Now was an aborted game GMed by CivOasis from December 17, 2011, to February 2012. It was a notable departure from IOT tradition, featuring the entire map partitioned at the very start based on contemporary political borders. The unexplained premise concerned the abrupt and global collapse of armies, treaties, and infrastructure. The game rules were largely touch-and-go and revised ad-hoc.

The game advanced a total of one turn before repeated schedule conflicts led CivOasis to repeatedly postpone the next update. In February the game was officially axed, with suggestion of a redux some time in the future.

Game mechanicsEdit

Rather than creating their own nations, players choose from a list of modern countries encompassing their current political administrations. Base income is $1 per province, with incremental penalties applied to reduce the imbalance between large and small states. Players use their money to purchase infrastructure, military units and research.

Gags & ReferencesEdit

Several running jokes exist in Here and Now, including:

  • Enerjak is cited as one possible explanation for the global collapse;
  • A nod towards Red_Spy's nation in Fiat Lux, via the revolutionary "Order of Malum"
  • A canon-breaking example of taking the GM's word literally, the USA's RP took the line "other than that (no impossible RPs), I don't care" to the extreme, and features previous political figures (most notably a 100 year old Ronald Reagan) as the heads of the nation's political system.

Divergence from real lifeEdit

The Here and Now game map was noted early on to have some inconsistencies with the real-world, including:

  • Bermuda and Tahiti were listed as independent nations. Conversely, Brunei was accidentally merged into Malaysia.
  • Lichtenstein, San Marino, and a third nation were removed, due to lack of space.

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