Heavenly Realm of Itzamna & the Four Bacabs
Flag of Itzamna.png
Seen in Mobius: Total Chaos
Played by Kinich-Ahau
(and largest city)
Otoch K'aax
Ethnic groups  Nahual, Mobians, Humans
Government Theocracy
 -  Lord Priest Maskab Balam
Faction trait Earth Ixis
Currency Taak'in Cacao

The Heavenly Realm of Itzamna & the Four Bacabs (often shorted to Itzamna) is a Mayan Theocracy featured in Mobius: Total Chaos. It is based in the northwest of Straun and is one of the game's three Ixis player nations.

Backround & Arrival on MobiusEdit

The Itzamna arrived on Mobius after the destruction of the Chaos Emeralds ripped a hole into several alternate realities; one of the holes created led to the Maya Afterlife. The roots of the World Tree Yaxche grew through the rift, stabilizing it, and began to grow into Mobius. This created a permanent link between Xibalba (The Maya Afterlife) & Mobius, thus opening the door for several Maya Gods & Spirits to arrive on Mobius. The Gods then forced a forest around the roots to grow into a city, appointed a human named Maskab Balam as the Lord Priest, and returned to Xibalba.