Federation of Petrograd
Flag of the Federation of Petrograd.svg
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum IV,
The Aftermath
Played by Virote_Considon
Petrograd in IOT4, prior to war with China
Petrograd in IOT4, prior to war with China
Petrograd in IOT:A, circa Update 14
Petrograd in IOT:A, circa Update 14
(and largest city)
Government Presidential republic
 -  President Dmitri Consov
Mean contamination Moderate
Kaetif policy Officially equal, segregationist in practice

The Federation of Petrograd is one of the leading Slavic nations in Imperium Offtopicum IV and its sequel, The Aftermath. Ostensibly a democratic republic, internal corruption and anti-terror legislation stemming from numerous security threats throughout the country's history have granted the president considerable power, and the exacerbation of these circumstances in The Aftermath renders Petrograd an authoritarian state. The country is strongly nationalistic with a large, though mostly-outdated military and mixed socialist-capitalist economy. While Petrograd's culture is predominantly Russian, it pointedly refuses to call itself Russia.

Petrograd considers itself part of a cultural 'bloc' encompassing its neighbours of the New Hetmanate, Azerbaijan, and the Don River Independents, the latter two it considers de jure part of the state while guaranteeing their de facto independence. Petrograd abstained from the political quagmire of IOT4, refusing to join the ANTIEDO/GUN alliance in favour of a bilateral pact with the Hetmanate that continued into Aftermath. After Thorvald brought in the nukes, Petrograd promptly went to war with China, seizing territory all the way to Mongolia. Petrograd was abruptly nuked by Brazil, devastating the Muscovy industrial region.

In the post-war years, Petrograd adopted the role of "world police" alongside the Hetmanate, instituting the Non-Proliferation Doctrine that sought to prevent nuclear proliferation through military intervention. It was actively involved in the dispute between the Pan-African Alliance and Third Republic of Germany, aided North Ceylon prior to its conquest by Sri Lanka, and confronted the Marian Republic over the Cantabria Crisis and Brazzaville Dispute, hosting refugee emigrants and Brazzaville's "government-in-exile" following the Marians' annexation of the city-state.

Kaetif in PetrogradEdit

Kaetif are officially afforded equal rights, but are highly distrusted by society at large due in part to Abhorrent attacks, particularly in Siberia. An unofficial apartheid has developed, with humans and Kaetif operating within separate spheres even within the same city. Human-Kaetif violence is commonplace, especially around Petrograd's Red Zones, and the government continues to strive for a peaceful and mutually beneficial solution to the issue.

Kaetif constitute a disproportionate percentage of Petrograd's armed forces, attracted by better pay and living conditions and less day-to-day discrimination due to separate units.

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