Federal Republic of Columbia
US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross.svg
Seen in Iron and Blood 7
Played by Mosher
Columbia (blue) in the United States
Columbia (blue) in the United States
Demonym Yankee, American
Government Federal constitutional republic
Legislature People's Assembly

The Federal Republic of Columbia is a USA expy in taillesskangaru's Iron and Blood 7, located in New England.


When escaping from the British Empire, the nascent United States of America created a Confederation to keep its myriad states together after the war was over. This Confederation, however, was ineffective to the extreme - a crisis involving the lack of ability to raise tariffs to stop a flood of British goods, for example, nearly caused the country's economy to collapse.

A constitutional convention was called for in Philadelphia, attended by some of the countries' greatest minds and revolutionaries from 1776; the plan they created, however, in 1790, was unsatisfactory to many Americans. When the Constitution, which heavily favored merchants, rich planters, and the upper class in general, the American public turned on their forefathers and burnt the District of Columbia to the ground, state legislatures were exiled from office, and a new Constitution was called up, with the aim of decreasing the gap of power between the poor and rich.


Columbia is a federation of states, where all men are deemed equal. Every state is autonomous to an extent, with the federal government ultimately having the power of foreign policy. A Constitution (very similar to OTL USA) clearly defines the boundaries of state and federal jurisdiction.

The legislative power in the country is in the People's Assembly, housed in the capital of Boston. Every state can send 1 representative to the Assembly for every 10,000 eligible voters are within its borders. The People's Assembly fills out, by vote, the positions of government; Secretary of State, Secretary of War, etc. There is no figurehead, as that would be seen as setting one man above the rest, in direct violation of the ideals of "equality for all."

Foreign relationsEdit

Columbia recognized the independence of the Midwestern Confederation under Tecumseh. Declaring the Dixie region "a vital part of the American state", it demanded the Commonwealth of Virginia submit itself to taxation or be put down as rebels.