Empire of Greater Reikland
Seen in Mobius: Total Chaos
Played by Farsight
Reikland home territory, 1223
Reikland home territory, 1223
Official language(s) Reikspiel
Ethnic groups  Humans, Mobians
Demonym Reiklander
Government Elective monarchy
 -  Emperor Karl Franz
Faction trait Psychic
Currency Crown

The Empire of Greater Reikland, also known as Greater Reikland, or simply, Reikland, is a player nation in Mobius: Total Chaos, based on The Empire from Warhammer Fantasy. Occupying the west coast of Straun, it borders the New Crusader-State and 01 to the east, and the Ottomans and United Barbarian States to the south. As of 1223, Reikland also controls a portion of Angel Island and has partially settled the island northeast of North Cademstar.

Background and arrival on MobiusEdit

In 2500 IC, a massive Storm of Chaos engulfed the Empire of the Warhammer World and its surrounding lands. Many people panicked, and Emperor Karl Franz declared a state of emergency. When the Storm passed, the inhabitants of the province Reikland, the Imperial Cities of Nuln, Altforf, and the city-state of Marienburg found themselves in an alien world. A union was established, and the Empire of Greater Reikland was formed.

Surprisingly, unlike other major Chaos intrusions, there were no reports of hordes of Chaos Marauders, Beastmen or Daemons besieging the confederation (although the Inquisition did have a field day mopping up the hundreds of Chaos cults that had sprung up). However, there were two major issues (apart from the new world):

  • The Lores of Magic had changed. Although there were adepts who kept their old disciplines, many wizards ended up having to re-learn these new Lores of Magic from scratch.
  • The unholy amount of Beastmen in the surrounding area. Although these Beastmen neither worshipped the Dark Gods (or even knew who they were) nor were (generally) violent and seek to only cause destruction and bloodshed, the Reiklanders treated them with extreme caution.

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