Republic of Estonia
Eesti Vabariik
Flag of Estonia.svg
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum VII
Played by Thorvald of Lym
Estonia IOT7.png
Estonia (light blue) in 2082
Ethnic groups  Estonians, Finns, Latvians, Lithuanians, Russians, Belarusians
Demonym Estonian
Government Parlamentary republic-cum-military dictatorship
 -  Most Benevolent Leader Ants Laaneots
 -  Emergence 2075 
 -  Officially recognized 2077 
Time zone Time zones do not apply to us, for we are citizens of the world!

Eesti Vabariik, in English the Republic of Estonia, or simply Estonia, was a Finnic nation in Imperium Offtopicum VII. It was created, at least in part, to 'legitimize' Thorvald's lurker spam in the thread.

Estonia struggled for 63 years to regain its footing following the various global crises, during which time the army's chief-of-staff General Ants Laaneots, having gained superpowers from the Cambodian Plague, rose to lead the reconstruction effort, and in a popular referendum was made "Most Benevolent Leader of the Republic of Estonia" with powers superseding Parliament. The home front was finally secured in 2075, and Laaneots turned the reconstruction effort outward, to restore neighbour states of Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

"Thorvald, you are truly the manliest of us all."
Double A

Although quickly recognized by other players, Estonia was not officially added to the game map until two turns later, leading to a philosophical conundrum within the nation as to whether or not the country actually existed. Estonia also attracted attention for beginning literally right next door to Domination3000's Russia, a fiercely nationalistic country that was already in the midst of on-and-off belligerence with the Federal Republic of Kiev, Kipchak Horde and Northern Horde. Estonia sought to avoid provoking Russia with "eastward" expansion (although whether it was genuinely committed or simply arguing semantics is debatable), culminating in a two-year ban on the direction "East" that ended in 2078.

Estonia formed a defensive pact with Scotland that split Finland into northern and southern spheres of influence. It was also courted by the FRCN for a similar agreement that was turned down at the time, as the Estonian military was underdeveloped and unsuited to overseas deployment.

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