East Republic Company
Seen in Mobius: Total Chaos
Played by CivGeneral
ER Company mainland, 1221
ER Company mainland, 1221
CapitalNew Königsberg
Official language(s) English
Recognised national languages English, German, Japanese, Huttese
Ethnic groups  Humans, Mobians, others
Demonym Coruscanti
Government Military junta
 -  Legate Nozomi Valentine
Faction trait Industrial
Currency Republic Marks, Gold

The East Republic Company (ER Company, or ERC) is a quasi-autonomous military organization loosely based on the East India Company, founded to colonize Mobius on behalf of the Republic of Coruscant.

Background and arrival on MobiusEdit

Coruscant began unmanned exploration of Mobius soon after its "discovery" in the hope of finding the surface suitable for settlement, revealing the presence of the emerging post-Chaos states. The Coruscanti government, averse to direct political involvement due to unexplained history on Earth, created the East Republic Company to colonize the planet by proxy. The expedition was supported by the RNS Rikke and two Star Destroyers which maintain a permanent orbit over Mobius. Colonists established the city of New Königsberg on the east coast of Sermat as their initial base of operations, which became the capital for the company's political administration.

Political structureEdit

While ostensibly a corporation, the ER Company operates as a military unit under the command of Legate Nozomi Valentine by appointment of Hanna Antilles, her grandmother and Chancellor of Coruscant. The Legate governs as the head of a military junta that is granted the authority to determine foreign policy independent of Coruscant.

The company's territorial heartland comprises most of Sermat's east coast, bordering the United Barbaric States in the southwest and Itzamna and the New Crusader-State in the north. In 1219 as borders began to settle, it set its expansionist sights overseas, establishing an outpost in southern Segesni to serve as a staging point for colonization of South Cademstar.


The company's aesthetic is a slurry of Roman, German and Japanese influences. Although freedom of religion is guaranteed and no official state religion exists, the company exhibits a Roman Catholic bend as a result of Legate Nozomi's personal convictions. Like its parent Coruscant, the ER Company is heavily industrialized and enthusiastic toward atomic-based technology.

Company ethnicity is predominantly human as a result of concerted colonization, but local Mobians remain accommodated and even some "alien" races are present.

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