Domination3000 is a former member of CivFanatics Forums. He joined the IOT community in May of 2010 in the middle of IOT IV. He had a rough reputation initially both because of his warlike attitude in IOT and his far right viewpoints as portrayed on Off Topic, although many, including Domination himself, feel that the reputation was a bit unfair. Domination himself claimed that many of his issues were a result of not properly having the game explained to him Domination was at one time the fastest posting user on the site, posting over 23 posts a day (Not including forum games posts) despite being perhaps the most commonly banned user on the site. However, more recently the numbers have dropped, and his current average is just under nineteen posts per day.

Domination slowly faded out of the IOT world, as well as the CivFanatics world, and after one six week ban in October of 2011, the once rapidly posting poster never returned. The poster now known as "GhostWriter16" replaced him, though he posts much less frequently, and so far has had little or nothing to do with the Imperium Offtopicum world. GhostWriter16's account was permanently banned later on.