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Communist International Alliance
Comintern coat of arms.png
Coat of arms
Seen in Imperium Offtopicum VII
Administrative centresSarai Batu,
São Paulo,
Previously: Sarajevo
Membership SR Sarajevo, Kipchak Horde, DPRBAC
Establishment 2072

The Communist International Alliance (Comintern) was a socialist/communist pseudo-alliance in Imperium Offtopicum VII. The Comintern was established in 2072 by the Socialist Republic of Sarajevo and Peoples' Republic of the Kipchak Horde; originally intended to be revealed in the spring of 2075, official foundation was advanced due to political incidents in the Balkans. It aimed to foster closer relations between the world's socialist nations through mutual defence and open borders, and was dedicated to the promotion of human rights and continuing the "revolutionary process". Comintern legislature was housed in two administrative centres that alternated every three years. One nation was to be elected to represent the Comintern internationally. Membership was open to any publicly-declared socialist/communist state, and "associate membership" to countries without a socialist government but with predominantly left-leaning sympathies.