Brazzaville (light blue) surrounded by the Marian Republic

The Brazzaville dispute was an international political flashpoint that occurred on Turn 13 of Imperium Offtopicum: The Aftermath when the Marian Republic moved to unilaterally annex the City-State of Brazzaville. Concurrent with the Cantabria Crisis, it represented the beginning of a more aggressive foreign policy on the part of Sombra de Mar. While the incident ultimately resolved to the Marians' favour, like Cantabria it proved a major diplomatic stumble and served to worsen human–Kaetif antipathy.


At the end of Imperium Offtopicum IV, the Marian Federation controlled the territories surrounding the Congolese city of Brazzaville, but had not laid claim to the city proper. By the start of The Aftermath, Brazzaville had gained de jure recognition as an independent city-state. Although Sombra guaranteed the city's sovereignty, he repeatedly expressed interest in integrating it into the state, possibly due to its reputation as a human safe haven. During the "drug war" with Petrograd, the Marians attempted to pressure Brazzaville and the Brčko District into harmonizing policy, with the veiled threat of economic sanctions if they did not comply.


On Turn 12, the Marians withdred the guarantee of sovereignty under the guise that a proposed non-aggression pact had lapsed; while the official announcement suggested relations had been unofficially upgraded to an alliance, elsewhere it was read as a code word for annexation. As the Cantabria Crisis threatened to spiral into war, Petrograd dispatched a carrier battlegroup to the Gulf of Guinea with the aim of forcing the Marians to the bargaining table; as a test of Marian intentions, it publically demanded the withdrawal of all Marian military personnel from the city.

Nuclear escalationEdit

Shortly after Petrograd's announcement, Monaco and San Marino announced they would supply military aid in support of Brazzaville's independence; as part of this deal, they intended to ship a nuclear warhead. The feasibility of the plan was quickly called into question given the Marians' total control of the border.

Petrograd repeated the call for Sombra to stand down, warning of "dire consequences" and pledging to provide sanctuary to Brazzaville's government in the event the city was overrun. Sombra retorted with promise of a "backup plan". The Kingdom of Konchasa announced that it would grant citizenship to any Brazzaville refugees.

Capitulation and aftermathEdit

Deeming the situation hopeless and unwilling to implicate foreign powers, the Brazzaville government announced it would begin a wholesale exodus to Konchasa. The Marians facilitated the emigration while occupying the city, obtaining full control within roughly two weeks.

The annexation of Brazzaville provoked international condemnation, and in conjunction with the Cantabria stand-off severely damaged the Marians' reputation. The incidents also provided fuel for racially-motivated extremist groups worldwide.

While the Monegasque aid plan was cancelled before the ICBM left the country, the military was slow to return it to storage and the warhead was believed stolen by an anti-Marian terrorist organization. It was initially believed to have been subsequently deployed in the nuclear detonation over Bouenza.