Ants Laaneots
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General Ants Laaneots
Nickname(s) Tanki Ants
Gender Male
Date of birth 16 January 1948
Age 134
Occupation Leader of Estonia
Nationality Estonian

General Ants Laaneots was the Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces from 2006–2011. He appears in Imperium Offtopicum VII; not only does he survive the Cambodian Plague, but the virus grants him superpowers including immortality, "complementing his natural photogenic charm". For his contribution to the reconstruction effort, he is lauded as a national hero and is made "Most Benevolent Leader of the Republic of Estonia" through a popular referendum.

Laaneots was elected High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2082 following the retirement of Vedran Smailović two years prior; he was scheduled to assume office in 2083, but the game ended before then.

Laaneots is referenced in Multipolarity Rearmed, in which Estonia's currency is "LaaneLots". He returns as leader of the NPC Estonia in Mad World.

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