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Angola in the Sons of Mars III IOT

Angola is a nation normally played by Mosher. Varying between an interventionist, British-esqe commonwealth in Sons of Mars III, colonizing Morocco and Venezuela, to its relatively war-hungry counterpart in Sonereal's IOT, Fiat Lux: Second Renaissance.

Generally featuring a poor economy (in Sons of Mars III, it is due to a biological weapons strike that utterly shattered the economy, launched by SBAG, and in Fiat Lux due to a misconception of the rules), it generally fails to actually engage in the act of warring.

In Sons of Mars III, however, it showed innovation with regards to rebels: rather than blasting them into the Stone Age by default, as most players did (losing huge numbers of troops), Mosher instead opted to negotiate first and fire second. This saved countless armies, if at the cost of a small bit of cash.