Humanoid Abhorrent near Fort William, Scotland

Abhorrents are one of two mutant factions in Imperium Offtopicum: The Aftermath that function as generic universal barbarians. Described as "demonic imitations of the Kaetif", they seem to have developed an immunity to radiation, and infest heavily-contaminated provinces, striking from the wastelands into neighbouring regions. Very little is known about them and their origins remain a subject of study, although they have shown the capacity for limited language and crude tool use. They live and hunt in packs (generously described as "clans" or "tribes") and fight anyone who gets in their way, even other Abhorrents.

An interlude with Sombra de Mar revealed they could be tamed to an extent. It appears that the Abhorrents are not entirely mindless beasts - they are malicious and see no reason to respect the lives or well-beings of weaklings. As such, they seem to respect one thing: power, based on Sombra's experiences with taming the Abhorrent "Espada." Whether this is an isolated case, or whether Sombra had truly discovered a way to harness such a deadly force to his own ends, however, remains unknown.

Abhorrents gain combat advantages in irradiated territories and are a significant threat to countries on or near Red Zones.